Costs and Benefits

Below is a guide to the scale of fees at the practice. Treatment needs will differ from patient to patient and after your examination, a detailed breakdown of the treatment cost can be given should you require it.


We treat private patients and also operate the PRSI and medical card schemes. We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as cheques and cash.


We can also arrange a payment plan for patients after an initial consultation has been carried out. It is worth noting that some treatments are eligible for tax relief at a rate of 20% via a MED2 form.



  • PRSI patients are entitled to a free examination annually
  • Dental Health Check is free to Medical Card Holders annually
  • Small X-Rays + Prescriptions are free to Medical Card Holders
  • Medical Card patients are entitled to free extractions
  • Dentures on Medical Card Scheme are subject to approval by HSE



Examination/Oral Health Check


Examination and  intra oral x-rays


Children's Exam (under 12)


1 small intra oral x-ray


Panoramic (full mouth) x-ray

€45 - €50



Amalgam (Silver) fillings

€80 - €120

Composite (White) fillings

€85 - €120

Tip or core build up                                          €120  -€150

Hygienist: Scaling,treatment of gum disease Oral hygiene instruction


Hygienist:  (2nd visit)


Hygienist: Treatment of gum disease under local anaesthetic (per quadrant)


Extraction (including small x-ray)

€80 - €90

Surgical Extraction (including small x-ray)

€100 - €120

Partial Acrylic Denture




(1-3 teeth €350: 3-6 teeth €400: 6-8 teeth €450)


Full Acrylic Denture


Complete Upper and Lower Acrylic Denture


Partial Cobalt-Chrome Denture






Root Canal Treatment including filling




Incisor: €350- €400

Premolar: €400- €450

 Molar €500-€550

*Crowns - New Computer Generated (all ceramic)

*Crowns - Porcelain fused to Metal  


From €650

Implant Supported Crown

Approx €1500 

Night splint (combination hard & soft)

Night splint (hard)

Sports Mouthguard          




External teeth Whitening

Internal bleaching

Extra tube




Six Months Smiles:




Six Month Smiles (1 arch)


Six Month Smiles (both arches)





Composite Veneers

Porcelain Veneers





All Ceramic Bridges


From €750




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