Welcome to our Gallery Section, here we have pictures of some of the different treatments you can avail of here at Rogers Dental.



If you are interested in Six Month Smiles, please see our dedicated Six Month Smiles Page to see more cases.


Bridin is a long tern patient of the practice who was getting married and wanted some of her old crowns replaced. She also had a post crown on her upper left first premolar which was failing and the tooth behind this required extraction also.

After a consultation with Mr. Rogers she decided to replace the crowns on her front teeth and to have an implant placed at the site of the failing post crown which we would use to restore the space created by the loss of two teeth with an implant supported bridge.

Before restoring the crowns we carried out some teeth whitening. Mr Rogers then matched the colour of her new crowns and implant supported bridge to the new brighter shade of her teeth.


J pressented to us with a failing maryland bridge anchored from his upper right lateral incisor to replace his upper right front tooth. He also had a large tip replacement composite filling on his upper left front tooth. The bridge was no longer fit for purpose and had fallen out a number of times.

J decided in consultation with Mr. Rogers to have an implant supported crown placed at the site of his missing upper right front tooth and to crown the tooth on either side (upper right lateral incisor and upper left central incisor).

J was delighted with the result we achieved for him and the short space of time it took to rectify his problem.

M*** is a long term family patient of the practice. She was concerned about her heavily filled front teeth which were starting to break down.

In 2014 she had two crowns placed on her upper left premolars. Following the placement of these crowns M*** was keen to have her upper front teeth restored with crowns also! We restored her upper canines and central and lateral incisors with porcelain crowns.

She is delighted with the result she achieved from both an aesthetic and functional point of view.

This patient lost his upper left front tooth in an accident. He decided to have an implant here to restore the space. On his upper right front tooth he had a large composite tip filling.

E***** decided that he would like to crown the tooth with the large white tip filling at the same time as restoring the implant.

The photos show some of the sequence involved. The second picture is the implant in the gum exposed ready to be used to hold a crown in place.

The final picture shows the completed case.


Bridget came to us unhappy with her teeth, especially the lower teeth as she found cleaning them an issue. After seeing us for a consultation she decided to proceed with Six Month Smiles. Please see our testimonial section to see how she found the treatment!

This patient came from Bunclody to see us about Six Month Smiles! She was unhappy with the arrangement of her teeth. Six Month Smiles helped straighten and allign her teeth in a gentle non-invasive way.

She is delighted with the results that we achieved for her and can now smile with confidence!

Please read about Kay's experience in our testimonial section.

Ann Marie presented to us unhappy with the appearance of her teeth. Her upper and lower front teeth were overcrowded and she was not happy with her smile. We carried out Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces. We started treatment in March and she was finished treatment in August!


This lady had a trauma to her front tooth. She had a root canal treatment and the tooth has darkened over time. We carried out some internal and external bleaching to restore the natural colour of the tooth.

This lady came to us to have some teeth whitening done and was delighted with the results in a very short period of time! See our testimonial section to read about her experience!

This lady came to us about her "peg" shaped lateral incisors (the teeth beside her front teeth). She was unhappy with her smile as she felt her teeth were not the correct shape. We carried out some simple cost effective composite bonding to correct the shape of these teeth. She was delighted with the results!

This lady came to us before her daughter's wedding. She was concerned about the spaces between her lower teeth and the discoloured fillings. We carried out some simple composite bonding to restore this space and replaced her fillings. A cost effective option to give our patient a confident smile again!

This young lady attended the practice regarding her discoloured front tooth. She had a trauma to this tooth many years ago and the tooth had discoloured over time. We carried out a routine course of tooth whitening to restore the colour of her tooth with excellent results!

This lady came to us with spacing between her front teeth. She was also missing an upper right incisor. A partial denture was made to restore the missing tooth. Cosmetic white fillings were used to close the space between the front teeth and to give a natural appearance. This is a less invasive and more cost effective option than veneers or crowns, in suitable cases.

This young man presented with a very discoloured upper left front tooth. This tooth had suffered trauma many years ago and had a root canal treatment carried out at that time. The tooth subsequently discoloured.

Following a seven day course of bleaching, the appearance of this tooth was transformed. This tooth will be restored using a composite veneer (which comprises of white filling material) and bonding.

This treatment is a cost effective and conservative approach to restoring his tooth.

Final Pictures to follow

This young man lost his front tooth in a hurling accident. An implant was placed and a temporary crown for three months. This was to allow the gum tissue to mature around the implant. Subsequently this was replaced with a permanent implant supported crown.

This patient presented with a missing upper left incisor.

She also had a poorly formed upper right incisor. Following

orthodontic treatment the spaces were then restored using adhesive bridges.

This patient presented with spacing which was closed using orthodontics.The lateral incisor on the left hand side was restored using a porcelain veneer.



This patient was wearing a partial upper acrylic denture surrounded by some heavily filled and worn teeth. He found the partial denture uncomfortable to wear and wanted it replaced with a fixed prosthesis. The patient had two implants placed in the upper incisor area and a further two positioned in the premolar areas. We subsequently restored these with implant supported crowns. His front teeth and remaining upper teeth were restored with the new computer-scanned porcelain crowns.


This man was wearing a partial upper denture for over 20 years. He was unable to wear a part lower denture and as a result his remaining lower teeth became very worn. On the lower jaw most of his teeth were extracted in early childhood. He wished to have some implants placed in the lower jaw to replace his lower back teeth. Two implants were placed on either  side and were restored with bridge work.

In the upper jaw the four remaining teeth were prepared to support an overdenture. This involved the fitting of four gold shell telescopic crowns to help anchor the new denture.

Picture 3 shows the four telescopic crowns in place. Picture 4 shows the fixed bridge work on the lower jaw and picture 5 shows the new denture in position. 

This patient presented with fractured roots on her upper left lateral incisor and adjacent canine. She didn't wish to wear a denture and as a result requested implants. The patient opted for implant supported crowns to restore these teeth.

This patient also has significant gum recession in the lower incisor area. A soft tissue graft was carried out to restore the gum architecture with excellent results (see picture 2)

This patient had severe periodontal disease and as a result lost his upper incisors. He was fitted with a partial upper denture to replace these four teeth. Following successful gum treatment it was possible to save his remaining teeth. Patient wished to have a more permanent solution and enquired about implants. We decided to place 2 implants to support a 4 unit implant-supported bridge to restore this space (see pic 2)