November 2017


"Before I got Six Months Smiles I hated everything about my teeth. I hated pictures, I hated smiling & I found myself covering my mouth when laughing.

But now I love pictures, I love my teeth & I cant stop smiling !! It was the best decision ever for me, I am now more confident in myself & my smile"




April 2017


"I was extremely happy with Six Months Smiles & the service I received. Originally, I had gone to an orthodontist for a consultation. They told me that I would need braces on for 3 years, 8 teeth removed & both my jaws reconstructed however, all I wanted was 3 teeth straightened. Thankfully Six Months Smiles was able to achieve this in just 6 months for a third of the price not to mention the time saved. If I had an queries the staff were more than happy to help. Overall it was by far the best decision as I didnt have to go through such extensive work. I am delighted with my new smile!"




March 2017


"Having worn a partial denture for a number of years I decided to ask Mr.Rogers regarding dental implant surgery.

Mr.Rogers referred me to a periodontist who after a very thorough examination advised me of what this would entail. I made the best decision of my life when I decided to proceed with all treatments.

As the bone in my gum had deteriorated and shrunk I required bone grafting. The grafting was a complete success & 6 months afterwards the implants were fitted. These also fused very well & after another 6 months Mr.Rogers fitted custom made porcelain crowns to the implants & to a number of front teeth which had become worn over the years. The new crowns have transformed my appearance & my confidence has soared.

I would like to thank Mr.Rogers and his staff for their input into my treatment. They had time to answer all my queries & were most professional & helpful throughout. I now smile all the time!!"




August 2014


"When I discovered that my local family dentist could provide treatment for my very obvious overcrowding problem I jumped at the opportunity to deal with an issue that had bothered me for many years.

The treatment went very smoothly and I am delighted with the result!"




July 2014


"I recommend Dr. Ken Rogers without reservation. His gentle assured professionalism puts one at ease immediately. From diagnosis to extractions to bridge work I was informed every step of the way. Alternatives were presented, explained and discussed and I was fully involved in all decisions. Nothing was too much trouble and I was accomodated at times which suited me and my work. I travelled quite a distance for this procedure and I am very glad I did. Such excellent, kind and competent expertise in a family practice."


Fr. John


April 2014


"I had been unhappy with my teeth for fifteen years. So after seeing an ad in the local paper for a free consultation for six month smiles and with much needed encouragement from my daughter, after all I am fifty seven years old, I attended my consult with Ken Rogers to see what he could do for me.


Ken confirmed he could help me and so my journey with six month smiles began! The staff at the surgery were so friendly and helpful and along with Mr Rogers they explained the procedure to me step by step. Throughout the process the staff were always just at the other end of the phone to answer any queries I had.


In a short space of time I could already see the difference Mr.Rogers work was making and was happy with the results.

The easy payment plan was great as it saved me being put under a big financial burden and as a bonus I got a bleaching treatment thrown in! I am more than delighted with the overall result! I have a gorgeous smile and I'm no longer afraid to show it.

I am glad I went for my six months smiles regardless of my reservations about my age! No matter what the age, you are worth it!!"


Thank you Ken and Team.





March 2014


“I would recommend 6 month Smiles to anyone considering braces.  The results went beyond what I expected in such a short space of time.  I was given great care both during and after treatment by all the Staff at Dr. Rogers Dental Surgery.”





October 2013


"I achieved the smile I always wanted in such a short period of time! I am delighted with the results and I would recommend Six Month Smiles to anyone who is unhappy with their smile".


Ann Marie



September 2013


"I went into Dr. Rogers with trauma to my front tooth after a fall. The tooth began to darken rather quickly; they treated the tooth as soon as possible. The staff were really nice and although I am nervous about dentists they made me feel at ease. 


They whitened the tooth and now it looks as if nothing had happened to it.


I would recommend Dr. Rogers to anybody who is nervous about dentists."




August 2013


"I attended Rogers Dental for the first time in June 2013. I always wanted to have whiter teeth but was afraid to try whitening because I suffer with really sensitive teeth.


When I saw Mr. Rogers for my examination he explained the teeth whitening they carried out at the practice and it sounded like it was something I could manage even with my sensitive teeth! The procedure was very simple and I had very little sensitivity throughout it.


I now have the teeth I always dreamed of!


Mr. Rogers was great and talked me through the treatment and checked on my progress to make sure I was managing OK. I would highly recommend Rogers Dental to anyone."



February 2013:


"I had orthodontic treatment as a teenager but didn't wear a retainer afterwards so my teeth moved around quite a bit. In 2012 I decided to ask Dr. Rogers if I would be a suitable candidate for 'Six Month Smiles'. Dr. Rogers did an exam, took some impressions and talked me through the treatment and how it would work. When we decided to go ahead with the treatment I was delighted and I am really thrilled with the results - it is the best decision that I have made in a long while! It took some time to get used to the braces but the treatment is very gentle and the results are visable very quickly.One of the best things of all is that there is a permanent retainer so no having to remember to wear it!


I would highly recommend 'Six Month Smiles' and Dr. Rogers and his team are wonderful, very professional and very encouraging".





March 2013


“I had extractions as a 14 year old to relieve the overcrowding of my teeth and then had a course of fixed orthodontics. On completion of the orthodontic treatment no retainers were fitted and as a result my teeth relapsed.


Eight years ago I had a consultation with an Orthodontist as I really wanted to have my overcrowding corrected. Unfortunately, the Orthodontist decided not to carry out treatment for me. This was a result of the amount of extractions carried out in my youth and therefore he felt he could not give me a predictable result.


On a routine visit to Ken Rogers Dental Practice I saw some information on Six Month Smiles in the surgery. I decided to enquire about it and a free consultation appointment was arranged for me.


After an examination and assessment Mr Rogers decided I was a suitable patient for the Six Months Smile System. The treatment time took approx eight months due to the severity of my case. Mr Rogers then fitted a bonded retainer to secure the teeth in their new position. I don’t even notice it so I never have to worry about them relapsing again!


Mr Rogers and his staff were very professional and helpful and appointment times were made to facilitate my work schedule. I was always seen promptly if I had any concerns. I am very pleased with the result and I now have the smile I’ve always wanted!”