Composite Bonding

This lady was unhappy with the space in her lower front teeth. Following a short course of bleaching & composite bonding the space was closed & the patient is very happy with the result.

Tooth Whitening

This patient was concerned about her dark upper front tooth, she had a history of trauma. A root canal treatment was carried out & the tooth was then bleached, this avoided crowning the tooth.

Implant Crown

This patient fractured his upper right front tooth in an accident & was unrestorable. He did not want to wear a denture, the root was removed & an implant was placed which was restored with a crown.

Adhesive Bridge

This young lady was missing her upper left lateral incisor & the upper right incisor was poorly shaped. This tooth was removed & following a course of orthodontic treatment the spaces were restored with 2 Maryland adhesive bridges.

Implant, Crowns & Gum Graft

This case presented with a broken upper left lateral incisor & an old crown which had some recurring decay. The broken root was removed & an implant was placed with a gum graft. Following healing an implant crown was fitted & the old crown was replaced, giving a nice result & avoiding a denture.

Composite Bonding

This young patient was unhappy with the shape of her upper lateral incisors, she did not want to have extensive orthodontic treatment at this time, so we built up these teeth with some white composite bonding until the patient decides on more definitive long-term treatment.

Tooth Whitening

This patient attended the surgery concerned about the colour of her teeth & was experiencing sensitivity. Following treatment for the sensitivity we carried out bleaching treatment over a number of weeks & the patient was delighted with the result!

Implant Supported Bridge & Crown

This patient had some old crowns on the upper front teeth & was missing some on the upper left area. She was getting married & attended for a consultation. An implant was placed in the upper left area, the old crowns were replaced. The remaining teeth crowned, an implant supported bridge was fitted and the patient had the smile she always wanted for her big day!