Emergency Care covers everything from swelling and trauma to painful sleepless nights.  Regardless of the cause, our priority is to achieve a stable condition and alleviate pain. From this baseline we can help patients plan the optimal treatment going forward tailored to their individual circumstances and personal expectations. We emphasize that an emergency does not mean all is lost and once symptoms are brought under control, patients can better assess their options and plan accordingly.

Irreversible Pulpitis



If the wisdom teeth are lying at an unfavourable angle they can cause pain or increase the likelihood of decay developing in the tooth in front due to difficulty accessing this area when cleaning. In these cases it may be prudent to have them surgically extracted as these teeth will never come into function. Below is a demonstration of what this involves.

When I discovered that my local family dentist could provide treatment for my very obvious overcrowding problem I jumped at the opportunity to deal with an issue that had bothered me for many years.
The treatment went very smoothly and I am delighted with the result!

I achieved the smile I always wanted in such a short period of time! I am delighted with the results and I would recommend Six Month Smiles to anyone who is unhappy with their smile

Ann Marie
I recommend Dr. Ken Rogers without reservation. His gentle assured professionalism puts one at ease immediately. From diagnosis to extractions to bridge work I was informed every step of the way. Alternatives were presented, explained and discussed and I was fully involved in all decisions. Nothing was too much trouble and I was accomodated at times which suited me and my work. I travelled quite a distance for this procedure and I am very glad I did. Such excellent, kind and competent expertise in a family practice.

Fr. John